120,000 new flights to the Gulf of Italy

Situated along the Mediterranean coastline, Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations among the globetrotters. From marvelous architectural wonders in the capital Rome, the mesmerizing canal of Venice to the home of the Renaissance treasure Florence, this country is frequented by lovers of art, history and fashion throughout the year. A number of daily flights to Italy from different parts of the world make it easy for travelers to plan their holidays in this exotic country. Considering the demand for air travel to and from this country, carriers are looking forward to increasing the number of their services. A few months ago, Etihad Airways, one of the leading airlines based in Abu Dhabi, announced its connection with Italy's national carrier Alitalia.

Etihad Airways and the Alitalia partnership

Currently, this Middle Eastern carrier holds approximately 49 percent of Alitalia's shares. Etihad Airways also shares significant stakes in Air Serbia, Daring, Jet Airways and Aer Lingus. Such partnerships and associations are increasing the number of airline ticket options to Italy, Serbia, Abu Dhabi and other countries. According to reports, after the partnership between the Italian flag carrier and Etihad, more than 120,000 seats will be added to Italy. Now, a total of around 5,100 places are available daily to travel around cities in the Italian and Gulf regions. Since 2012, this company, based in the Middle East, has registered the highest growth in the Italian aviation market after this transaction. As it has a strong presence in Asian markets, fares from India to Italy may also fall in the coming years.

Approximately 450,000 additional seats are available

According to the Center for Asia-Pacific Aviation (CAPA), more than 450,000 seats between the countries mentioned above can be offered by different airlines. There is a competitive response to this recently signed deal, which makes it useful for flyers. In the near future, choices regarding the timetable for flights to Italy appear to be plentiful. Following a great response to the new additions, Etihad looks forward to expanding its services in Italy.

This carrier started operations in the Italian aviation market in 2007 and has made its presence quite significant throughout these years. It left behind all its competitors in this market, such as Qatar Airways and Emirates, registering a year-over-year growth of about 48 percent in 2014. Reports indicate that this growth has so far been estimated at 36% in 2015. , so far. Similarly, Alitalia also registers rapid expansion. Previously, its operations were limited mainly to European countries and Japan. However, the Gulf region is now emerging as a lucrative market for the country. It is expected to gradually operate flights to Italy from other Asian countries, given the high demand for air travel registered on this route. This will increase the number of flights over the weekend to Italy, allowing travelers to visit this destination conveniently.

Other options in the Gulf region

The Italian national carrier's network was limited to Japan, India and Korea in addition to European countries. However, after adding 120,000 seats to the Gulf of Italy market, it will become the most famous route for this airline. Even after these newly added services, Emirates – one of the largest carriers in the Middle East – will account for about 58 percent of the total route.