RTW Flights

Planning a world tour is about finding the places you want to see the most. The "best" places to visit are subjective, so despite all the reviews, good and bad, you should try to plan the RTW trip you want (as far as possible financially and geographically). RTW trips take a lot more planning than your average vacation or trip. What better place to start than browsing the flights to get an overview of RTW locations and fares.

There are several airlines, including Star Alliance and OneWorld, that offer RTW flights to at least 3 continents, including intercontinental flights. These trips typically cost $ 2500 to $ 6000 per seat on the bus throughout the trip. If you do not want to plan each stop for your trip, the airlines also offer travel plans for RTW.

There are also extensive recommendations for RTW destinations. Again the best places to visit are the ones you want to visit, but recommendations are available for reference. One of the most popular backpacking sites, as well as touring the world, is Thailand. The beaches of Thailand are known for their white sands and beautiful water, and with its large expat population, Thailand is a place covered in many travel plans.

Buenos Aires, Argentina is another recommended destination for travelers with RTW. Buenos Aires Airport is a hub connecting flights from all over the world, and the country has an extensive and easy to use bus system. Traveling by bus to other parts of South America, such as Chile, is easier than Argentina, and traveling to Antarctica is also possible. If you want to stay in Buenos Aires, it boasts a unique culture and urban life that is unmatched by other places, making it one of the popular destinations for these tours around the world.

One of the other recommended RTW destinations you can fly to is Johannesburg, South Africa. Like Buenos Aires, Johannesburg is a lively and fun city. While Buenos Aires has a reputable bus system, Johannesburg's extensive metro system makes it easy to travel around the city. Although the safety of the city was questioned before, you can be safe and have a great time by following some precautions while you are there.

You can design your RTW trip virtually any way you want. By doing your research and planning well, it is possible to find flights within a reasonable price range to several continents, countries and cities. If you want to save time planning exactly where to go, airlines offer pre-planned rounds around the world, including flights on many continents and intercontinents. Recommendations are helpful, but the "best" travel destinations are the ones that sparked your interest, as everyone has their preferences. Plan well, have a safe flight and enjoy your trip with RTW!