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The capital of France, Paris, is a city in Western Europe. Highly populated, it is a global cultural and business center and is also considered one of the largest economies in Europe. It is also known as the "City of Lights" and has many historical monuments, museums and other attractions that make it a preferred tourist destination.

One of the most visited attractions in Paris is the Louvre, which attracts an annual number of visitors of around 9.3 million. It holds a collection of 35,000 priceless works of art from around the world. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is undoubtedly one of the most famous works of art in the Louvre. The museum also has huge galleries that are spread over an area of ​​652,300 square feet. The Eiffel Tower is another important landmark of the city. A global cultural icon of France, it is also one of the most recognized structures in the world. Champs Elysees is one of the scenic alleys in Paris, while Notre Dame depicts impressive and captivating architecture


Both historic and contemporary London attractions attract countless tourists throughout the year. Some of the city's must-see landmarks include Buckingham Palace, Parliament Houses, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, as well as numerous museums and art galleries. Although maximum attractions are located close to Central London, attractions also exist outside the city center, thus contributing to its tourism. Tourists flock to this city throughout the year to witness a flawless combination of history and modernity.


Germany's capital, Berlin, marks a lively fusion of art, history and entertainment. One of Berlin's most popular tourist attractions is the Reichstag (the Parliament building), known for its large glass dome, which offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding cityscape. Kaufhaus des Westens (Department Store of the West) is a seven-storey shopping mall known for its champagne bars, restaurants, beer bars, food counters and delicacies. One of the largest in Berlin, the Charlottenburg Palace is the only surviving royal residence in the city. The back has a large official garden, a mausoleum, a belvedere, a pavilion and a theater.


Located east of Austria, Vienna is located east of the Danube. Internationally recognized artists such as Beethoven, Haydn, Liszt, Mozart and Schubert have their associations with this city. The monuments in its large city center depict the colonial past and find their place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The main attractions in this city are the palaces of Hofburg and Schönbrunn. The city is also known for over 100 art museums, which fully attract around eight million visitors each year.


One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice is also known as the City of Bridges or the City of Water. This kind of city has no car-to-car traffic. The only means of transportation are either by water or on foot. With more than 100 islands, 150 lakes and about 400 bridges, it is one of the most visited cities in Europe. One of the distinctive attractions of the city is the cabin links, which offer traffic from one part of the city to another. A city tour of the 3-kilometer Grand Canal offers stunning views of beautiful structures.

The best and most profitable European tour

Planning a trip to one of the many European destinations involves a careful analysis of the tariffs to ensure that the journey is completed with minimal burden on the portfolio. Cheap carriers are available in Europe from all parts of the world. Passengers may choose to fly to London and take subsequent short-haul flights to their chosen destination. This split of the trip is economical, since short-haul flights are relatively cheaper. Planning a trip at the right time of year also plays a crucial role, as it comes with significant savings. Peak travel seasons in Europe are usually April, May, June, September and October, and are therefore relatively expensive. Months from November to March tend to be low on passenger traffic to European destinations, leading to reduced fares.

Most airlines and travel agencies periodically publish fares online, allowing passengers to compare and book according to their budget. In addition, there are numerous bidding sites that offer cheap flight tickets for buyers to bid on. It wins the lowest bid and this becomes the fare.

Flight prices also vary on the day and time of your trip, with lower fares on Tuesday and Wednesday. Lower fares can also be used for dawn flights. Some airlines also offer promotional offers for frequent flyers. Therefore, it is often recommended that you book through the same airline as often as possible

Shortly after deciding on your preferred travel destination, it is recommended that you sign up for newsletters from some airlines. This keeps passengers informed of recent and upcoming deals. If you're lucky, travelers can also save a lot on accommodation at one of the partner hotels.